Finding an Agent


I took 4 months off from writing and am now diving back in.  I started the summer by finishing my picture book manuscript (critiqued and polished and ready to go).  I took the summer off while I was busy with the kids and family.  September hit and it was back-to-school chaos.  Now that the dust has settled and before holiday madness sets in, I am getting back to work.

The first item on my to-do list is to find an agent.  Now that I have a manuscript done, there is no time like the present to find representation.  So, here I go.  I am starting with Writer’s Digest (such a great resource) and also making a list of all my favorite books that fall into the same category as mine, so I can investigate their representation.  I have a file on “finding an agent” that is glaring at me.  So much to review…

In the meantime, I have some other projects brewing that I desperately need to pay attention to.  My creativity is crying desperately to be put back to use and again, there is no time like the present!

I also have an urge to try some new things for my platform.  I have been reading so much about the importance of this (especially as I search for an agent), and with my marketing background, I have lots of ideas and opportunities ready to be seized.

So, here I go – diving in.  Here’s to smooth waters…


About Stephanie Dreyer

Stephanie Dreyer is the founder of VeegMama, a lifestyle brand sharing new approaches to healthy living and eating. She encourages her readers to live their best life every day through food, wellness, and personal fulfillment. She is also a children's book writer and mom of three. Stephanie was most recently featured on KCAL 9 in Los Angeles and Chickpea Magazine. She is a contributing author in the #1 Amazon Bestselling Book, Sexy Fit and Fab Sirens. Her new ebook, VeegMama's Guide To Going Vegan is available on Amazon Kindle, Nook, and iBooks. Visit my blog at

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